The 14th. Arts and Crafts Trade Show in Neubrandenburg

My sister Christine has been there before. What she told me afterwards made me want to be there at least once in my life. This year I got the chance .. .The town was on the way to our vacation destination, time fitted perfectly, so: LET’S GO!

We went by train, the cheapest and relaxed way to get there. In the train we both girls knitted already:

Zugfahrt 001

Christine was wearing her newest finished project: a nice sweater she hasn’t showed in her blog yet (Girl, why are you so … lazy by blogging????)

Zugfahrt 002It’s hard to recognize on the picture but I’m wearing the sweater I got from that old knitting lady. I just did some extra finishing. It’s nice and comfortable, I really like to wear it.


The Show … It was really impressing. I was surprised how much bobbin lace I found there. I didn’t know it’s so known and populaer in the North.

Klöppeln 001Klöppeln 002

What a variety of crafts I found there! I just fell in love to Hardanger:

Hardanger 001Hardanger 013

It was the first time I could watch a chair canner. I liked it. I like that kind of chairs alot. He seemed to enjoy to answer all the people’s nosy questions.

Stuhlflechter 001

There was a loooong, I mean a really long and very professional fashion show. But I didn’t like it as much as the one I saw some days ago in Scharfenstein.

Music: perfect.
Moderation: perfect.
Models: perfect.
Presentation: perfect.
= Everything perfect!?!?!?

Buuuuut … honesty … it was boring. They showed designer stuff. Too fancy, too crazy. I didn’t like it.

As much as I enjoyed that day there, I didn’t buy anything. Not smart to spend all money on the first vacation day. But it wasn’t a hard job: I didn’t find anything interesting on sale. I know, I could find all of it alot cheaper online. But I saw alot of people who didn’t seem to know the prizes…
Tempting was the yarn from Wolle-online, but I still have some of their yarn laying around at home. Nevertheless … very, very tempting…

Wolleonline 001

I also loved the wonderful quilts they showed there. I know I won’t make one myself, so I enjoy them whenever I can see some of them. Adorable, aren’t they?

Quilt 001

The best one had postcards included. What an idea!:

Quilt 004

They also showed some … how shall I call it … hm … ART:

Kunst 001

Natural stuff combined with chrochet. My first thoughts … that’s … strange! … Well … That’s ART.

Kunst 002

When I looked at it closer, a second and a third time I realised the creativity that’s behind each project. Wonderful colors and a very accurate craft job.

Kunst 003

I don’t know how I would use one of those projects. But I adore the creative mind, definitely! Well … I tell you honesty the truth: I’m not a big fan of art!

I could tell you so much more about that day there. In one place they sold all kinds of selfmade handbags! From “normal” to “total crazy” was everything there. What a colored place! In another place they sold mashine knitted dresses. They were so nice, so sexy and … they didn’t look like “selfmade”. wow! There was so much to discover: felting, cross stitch, crochet, spinning, etc.

oh … I almost forgot it … My personal highlight I discovered even before we entranced the building:

Außen Geländer 001

Yes, you are looking right. You can even pimp up a normal street szene with some kitting:

Außen Geländer 002

Außen Geländer 003

Traffic signs and other columns,

Außen Verkehrsschild 002

even trees:

Außen Baumhülle

or make it a home for your knitted or crochet little pet:

Außen EuleAnd whoever of you got just a small little garden with no place for fruit trees … well … take every bush or tree you’ve got there and put some cherries or berries up on it:

Außenbereich Baum totale

So you can harvest your favorite fruits whenever you want. Even in winter.

Außen Kirschen

Isn’t it cool how they tried to catch people’s eyes and put their attention to the show? Even ashtrays and trash cans look alot better in a colored dress:

Außen MülleimerBild 146Außen Aschenbecher

hihihi I just get an idea. “Darling, if you don’t hurry up and get our old fence colored then I take my needles and knit a new dress for the fence…”

So … my conclusion after my first visit there: What a nice show! I recommend a visit to everyone who lives close. The long drive to there will keep me away from a next visit. But should I ever be close again, i’ll be there for sure.


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