socks news

Last week I worked on baby socks for my colleagues baby:


Meantime my second class “how to knit socks” has started during breakfast and lunch break at work. First class was with 1 student, 2nd class has two. That makes a big procentage! I’m proud!!!

I’m really, really proud and happy that my colleagues are so interested in knitting. My first studend Ulla has started knitting sock after sock since my course. She has already knitted 8 PAIR of socks in 2 months!!!! She has even started knitting her LEFTOVERS. I am suuuuper proud about her. And her enthusiasm touched the other girls on the breakfast table. Now they want to learn sockknitting too. hihihi. They are working on their first pair of baby socks already.

And all of them had the same experience in their family: First nobody believed they would really learn sockknitting. But when they realised the girls really do they ALL instantly NEEDED some handknitted socks. hihihi … but we all know such situations, don’t we?

hihihi … My poor boss … sitting on a table where all others are knitting … He can’t hold his comments back: Shall he give us the yearly Christmas bonus in form of yarn instead of money? It was supposed to be a bitching comment but we all instantly said: YEEEEESSSSSS PLEASE!!!! hihihi

Talking about sockyarn. This two skeins moved in this week:

DSCF6536 DSCF6526

Regia X-Mas. They are uni with a golden resp. silver thread. Very nobel and precious. This book is my Christmas present for myself:


In celebration of 60 years brandname Regia they published this book. I just love it! It doesn’t have big news in it. But I love the way everything is published. Especially I like a part of the book where they show old models and how different the same model looks when you knit it nowadays with modern yarn. Cool! And I also love the things that aren’t socks.


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