Rediscovered and Voila … finished

I FINALLY finished my Vienna-sweater. It’s unbelievable but true: I finally finished the 2nd. sleeve.

I spent Christmas at my sister’s house. Afterwards I couldn’t find the first sleeve which I had finished at hers. Gone … Couldn’t find it anywhere. The SLEEVE! I hate knitting sleeves. Knitting 2 sleeves is so hard and now … I need another one??? oh nooo … I didn’t want to … so the project got forgotten …

Some days ago I searched for something else and checked my big bag with the bobbin lace stuff. and there … in the last corner … there was a little red plastic bag with … with the SLEEVE! How often had I checked that bag before? But the red plastic bag was hard to see in my red bobbin bag. I just picked it up and finished the sweater.

Bild 311

Sweater Vienna
Material: 700 g Vienna von StrickSpaß (38 % Baumwolle, 62 % Polyamid)
Time: 04.10.2008-11.07.2009

I like the collar:

Bild 309The pattern on the back:

Bild 304

I like the sweater. It was hard to knit because the Viscose-part is sensitiv for rough hands. I needed alot of lotion while knitting it.

Luckily we had a cool day today, just 19 Degrees. So the sweater wasn’t too hot for the fotoshooting in our garden. The cool and windy weather today gives you a feeling it’s fall already. Perfect for this kind of sweater. I think it’s a perfect office sweater. That’s what I planned for it when I started that project looong ago. I’m happy I finally finished it.


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