Mushroom season

Who reads my German Blog was probably bored last year to read about my trips through the woods. Pictures and stories about mushrooms again and again… I didn’t tell much about that topic this year, but that doesn’t mean I gave up that hobby. No, no. I didn’t! I just didn’t take my camera with me and I didn’t spend hours in the woods. Just one or two after work to walk out my dog Susi. I found just a handfull mushrooms, not worth big stories or pictures. But collected over a week it makes a nice plate full of something.

Well … this weekend I spend finally some hours in the woods. Yesterday the whole afternoon and this morning some hours again. It was JUST GREAT!!!

Yesterday I brought home 1,5 kg chanterelles (?right word?):

Bild 444

And some other mushrooms too:

Bild 445

It’s blusher season. But I’ve got so many already, that I left them in the woods this time. I like them, but actually just as one sort of a mixture of some different kinds of mushrooms.

This week there was an articel in the newspaper about a former neighbour of ours. He’s found a BIG mushroom actually pretty close to my house. He was VERY proud! … hm … well … I’ve found several mushrooms that size, but …

Bild 434

Bild 436

Get a closer look at one of them:

Bild 432

See all the tunnels? I don’t eat mushrooms with worms. In those oversized mushrooms – in fact they are pretty old – lives a whole zoo of animals. Such a mushroom is also super heavy. Why should I carry such one home just to take it away anyway? I’m tooooooo scared my basket would get feet and run away. With such a swarming under the mushroom’s hat. hihihi 

Honestly … I am definitely not proud about such a found. I’m more much dissappointed that I haven’t found it some days earlier. If Mr. Mushrooms wants to make me happy, he’s yound and small and waits for me in the middle of all his also yound and small friends, brothers and sisters!

Bild 423

The little yellow dots in this picture are small, superfresh, delicious chantelles. Some days ago I saw a basket full of chantelles on the market. I heard the lady saying to a costumer, they are real fresh. I was shocked. fresh??? she surely got it this morning (=fresh?) from her dealer. But how long have they been picked up before they arrived there? I wouldn’t pick up a mushroom in the woods that looks so old and dry. bäääää Poor city-people who know only that quality of mushrooms. They should see mine, the really fresh ones… yammi!

Well … this morning I went to the woods again. This time I wanted to pick up blueberries. I was fast – one kilogramm per hour.  1,5 kg total, cleaned up already:

Bild 456

It was sooo relaxing out there, still morning cool and silent, sun shine … wonderful. Some mushrooms jumped accidently in my basket too, just a small pan full:

Bild 457

My dog Susi enjoyed the woods too. I usually let her off the leash (as long as we are alone out there), so she can run and sniffle as much as she wants it. While I picked up the berries she ate some too. She lays down and chews the berry leafe:

Bild 450

Today a real stinky mud puddle “crossed” her way. Before I realised it I got a stinky, black dog. bääääää. So we couldn’t get home on time. Susi needed a bath. We walked along a stream and I forced her to walk right in the middle of it. hihihi … who knows my Susi knows how much she enjoyes running back and forth in water … so forcing her doing that was like heaven on earth for her. hihihi

Bild 453

Well … hopefully she didn’t get this lesson: “ahh … I just have to jump in mud and I can play in water as long as I want to”. hihihi that’s probably not the right way to teach her staying away from mud. But … in the end I have to confess I had a good portion of fun too.

ok, now it’s time for a siesta in garden. The weather has been so bad lately. I have to get advantage of the few sunny hours today. You never know when rain comes back again. Wish you a nice Sunday!


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