The castle Scharfenstein

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Last sunday we, Walter and I, went to the Castle Scharfenstein. My sister Christine called me in the morning, told me about another blog and that she wants the same yarn as that lady had bought there. Well … with an order of my oldest sister I just HAD to go there, hadn’t I?  hihihi
The morning at home was nice, sunny, no clouds, just the normal little cool breeze: Perfect weather for such our plans. On the way to the castle – it’s about 70 km away by the way – we stopped at a flewmarket in Aue. I just spent 3 Euro on old knitting instructions. The old man gave me some other needlework instructions for free. I didn’t like the bobbin lace patterns, he offered me too. Common ones I already have and they were too expensive. No breeze in Aue, the sun burned on my head, I just wished I had taken my sun hat with me. How should I stand that for the rest of the day?

The drive to the castle was kind of an adventure. Closed roads everywhere. It was difficult to find the right way. It seems to be especially bad this year. “Economic upturn” – every town gets money and they do use it. Unfortunately all at once.

Well … we finally made it. The parking place is down at the river, the walk up to the castle was steep and – because of the heat – hard. But I expected to find wool up there so I made it. hihihi What we found there wasn’t big, but nice. I looked around carefully.

Bild 061

I couldn’t find the yarn in the right quality my sister ordered. I only found thick yarn in the same color. But she hates knitting with “trunks”. And she’s rather a “hot blood” so she doesn’t need and want such thick and warm material. I was sorry for her, but now I was free to follow my own ideas…

It didn’t take long and I bought the first yarn: Yarn for felting. But I’ll write more about it in my next entry.

Bild 006

Walter made the picture. I just wanna make clear that I need that liqueur just for my selfmade jams and jellies!

I carefully examined the offers of What a blaze of colors!!!! And I loved the way they arranged the skeins: Small pastic boxes with three rows, each in another color. About 5 or 6 skeins each row long. The colors in a box matched. So everything was clear to see, very clean, none had to pull the skeins out (and distroy it) to touch it. I hate distroyed skeins! They had little knitted patches of every yarn. Perfect and lovely organised!!!  What a wunderful experience!

Bild 062

My dear sister, there is a markt in the end of September close to you and I know you’ll go there too. So … seems you can expect MY order then. hihihi

I decided to buy some dark green yarn which was on sell. There is a golden thread in it that glitters luxury in sun.

Bild 033

It’s a little itchy for my personal taste, but it’s ok for a jacket or vest. I also hope it’ll get a bit softer after the first wash. As you can see on the photo I started already a little patch to try out the yarn. I started right after buying it.

Naturally I had my current knitting work with me. It was a little patch 30 x 30 cm, a mini-blanket I’ll donate for the “butterfly babies”. We sat down to have lunch in the restaurant there. While we waited I quickly finished that patch.

Bild 007

Thanks to Walter for his patience to stand me knitting at a restaurant. But on the other hand … the market was just 10 meters away, so there have to be seen some knitters knitting, ain’t I right???

Even the Stülpner Karl (read more about him at the end of this article) noticed that I knitted something in pink first and later in green. He asked if I’m knitting a new sweater for him and he doesn’t like the gold in the yarn. That would betray him to the police when he tries to hide in the woods. hihihi He told me he can knit too, or better: he has learned it. Had to learn it in school when he was about 10.  We had a nice little chat. Were Walter really a little jealous? He is cute when he is … hihihi

After that delicious lunch the waitress told us there will be a fashion show in a few minutes. Sure I had to watch it. I found a nice place to sit down. Accidently my knitting colleague showed up there too. So we sat down and watched that show together while Walter walked around and took some pictures.

Bild 024

I liked the show … naja … let’s say … I loved the models and what they showed and the way they showed. But unfortunately the accustic was just horrible. I couldn’t understand anything the moderator said. Sometimes the music started too early, sometimes too late. The breaks between the songs were far too long. Sometimes we wondered if the show will go on or if it’s over already. That was sooo pity. The girls had such fun showing knitted, felted, sewed … stuff, they danced and they didn’t look like models. They were “a little bit older than 29” hihihi and very normal: small, skinny, tall, oversized … really everything. Seeing their fun made us having fun too. I just loved that! Here some pictures:

Bild 009

Bild 010Bild 013Bild 014Bild 021Bild 035

Bild 053Bild 054

My personal highlight of the show is this shawl. I saw and touched it earlier that day on the stand of  Fitz und Triefel, the yarn shop 5 min away from my office:

Bild 047

Before we left the Castle I bought some more yarn at Light green mixed yarn for summer. They gave me a little testknitted patch too. At home I looked at it closer and realized what nice pattern it has. So I instantly knew what I’ll knit with it. A sweater for the office, for fall, 3/4 sleeves, and EXACTLY THAT pattern.

I told that shop lady that I have started testknitting the dark green yarn already. Her husband just shook his head. He knows crazy ladies who run home and start knitting. But doing it right there where she bought it? KNITTING AT A RESTAURANT???? No, that’s new! hihihi My colleague just said: Well … that’s the way SHE IS: Just crazy!

hihihihi. yep. that’s right. And I think it was time that he met me!

Resumé of that day: The market was alot smaller as expected, but nice and I had lot of fun. I was surely dissappointed about the bobbin lace – I expected more shops and ALOT more bobbin lace on display. The bobbin lace-people weren’t very friendly. I tried to talk to them but they weren’t very interested. I missed alot more girls showing bobbin lace in action. On the other hand I bought some nice material. The talks to the yarn selling people were all nice and really funny. Even my colleague … in the office she doesn’t talk much. But I found her very relaxed and talkative. I couldn’t remember when I saw her like that. So I enjoyed the time with her too. The restaurant was nice too, the weather great, Walter was nice and soooooooo patient …. All together it was a real nice Sunday.
But I’m not sure if I’ll go all the way to that market again …


Stülpner Karl: He was the regional Robin Hood, lived from 1762 – 1841. There are lots of stories about him, stealing money from the rich and help poor people. On special days or on some weekends an actor dressed like Stülpner, Karl walks around the castle and answers visitors questions.


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