A new Tiffany-Blanket

Yesterday my brother and brother in law finally arrived. The 3 men started the maily work on the roof. I thought it was time for me to get a little break and take some time for knitting. Theoretical. In reality I couldn’t sit down and “do nothing” while they were busy on our roof (and they did work hard!). So I didn’t find the pease for knitting. I did some garden work instead.

In the late afternoon it started raining and the men had to stop working. But even then I didn’t want to work on Walter’s sweater or the skirt. I wanted something small … something DIFFERENT … Well … what could be nicer as a new Tiffany-Blanket???
I instantly started my first 4 patches of ??? I-don’t-know-yet. No plan how big it will be one day. I’m sure I don’t want it as big as my first one. Actually I wanted to knit different patches, but after some tries I decided to knit it exactly as the first blanket.When I knitted that I enjoyed the techniqe – I didn’t have to sew anything.
Some background information about the “tiffany-blanket”:
Once I saw a blanket made out of sock-yarn leftovers. Super colored and big. I fell in love to it and one day I started my own project. One of my readers wrote me once, those patches in so many colors reminds her of the beautiful colors in churches windows = Tiffany glas. So the name was born: Tiffany-blanket. I loved that name.
My initially plan was to finish that blanket in 3 years. But I loved and enjoyed that work with colors soooo much that I finished it after 1 year. And it got bigger as I wanted to, I knitted more than 600 patches.
Here is the link to my old Blogentry when I finished the first blanket. It’s in German, but there are some nice pictures to see…

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