The roof is done!

… and with that project end 3 weeks of vacation office break. Tomorrow morning my job starts again. Walter left about 1 hour ago already for his job. So I take advantage of the instant silence to get my blog updated…

Our roof is ok now and I really love the new look. I didn’t like the idea to get rid of the last part of the old original roof, but the wood wasn’t strong enough for the old and heavy material. That’s the way the roof looked last month:

Bild 002

We had problems with rain and snow for years. Because we don’t use that part of the house to life in, we 3 girls didn’t mentioned it. One day Walter saw the problem and put that subject on top of the familiar headlines: This roof won’t survive one winter more! He made it clear: Danger of collapse!

And that had caused problems to the part of the house we live in too. My brother and my brother in law spontaneous said they will help. Both had some problems to get some days off at work, but they didn’t care and did help us. And all 3 men looked forward to work together and know each other better. And ME TOO!

That’s the way the roof looks now:

Bild 145

I can only say: 10000000000 thanks to the 3 really hard working men. I like the following picture. May I introduce you: my brother Uwe, Walter and my brother in law Peter (from left to right):

Bild 048

Luckily the weather was on our side. Just one afternoon rain so they had to finish work about 2 hours earlier as planned. And the next day they worked 2 hours longer to get the daily goal. That next day was wet every now and then too, but the roof was waterproofed already and the light rain started always when it was time to feed my hard workers. I was relieved about it because they had the tendency to work with no breaks.
The rest of the days it was always dry. We had clouds when we couldn’t need sun at all. The heat came back when we finished … yes, that was really big luck.

I’m really happy, that everything worked out so … smooth. Walter tried some stunts and sucked. His rips still hurt. All the scretches and wounds are getting better every day. I’m so relieved there weren’t bad accidents!I discovered a new side of Walter: Don’t get him started working on a house! He won’t remember the words “stop”, “break”, “vacation” etc. I could easily see how much he enjoyes such work and doesn’t find an end. That’s a side I really like … a side I’d love alot more if he wouldn’t have that special habit … He loves to have a henchman beside him ALL THE TIME.  yes, permanently! And he peferes me doing that job. But I’m a badmooded henchman. I’m not happy standing next to him for hours just to be ready to handle him this or that what he can easily reach himself too.

I rather do something more senseful at the same time and it doesn’t have to be knitting. hihihi.From time to time I got on strike and did some work in the garden. Former times that was mom’s big hobby and I had never ever dared to do that, even if I had loved to… But this year she didn’t do much. Actually almost nothing (Problems with her knees after 40 years working on a sewing machine etc.). Most of the patches looked like meadow. I just decided to start working without telling mom. I had such fun! And mom????? She seemed RELIEVED that finally does all that work. puhhhhh


Resumé of my vacation: Alot of work during daytime, super tired in the evenings. I’m not used to such hard physical work so in the evening I was faaar too tired to sit down and knit. I even didn’t go swimming! And there was no time for one of my beloved long walks through the woods. But all in all it was definitely a break from the office-life. I was far to busy to think about my job or even miss it.

And there is something else I really love when I remember … FAMILY. I enjoyed the time in my family, enjoyed 3 weeks with Walter, getting up together, going to sleep together, and even the one or other disagreement we could handle in a acceptable way. I love to know that Walter, Peter and Uwe worked so harmonic together. That’s so important for me.
I surely don’t wanna spend all my vacation with so much work, but I definitely don’t wanna miss my vacation 2009!

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