Christmas in September?

In June the regional newspaper published a big article about me and my hobby. I got some interesting replies and contacts. Most surprisingly was a letter I got some weeks later from an old lady who lives about 75 km away from Schönheide. She addressed the letter just to my name and the name of the village. And this letter found me! Unbelievable! She wrote, she would hardly knit anymore but got so much stash left. She’d like to give it away to someone who would use it.

So yesterday I finally got on the road to visit her. It wasn’t easy to find her place. I’ve never been in that area and everywhere were roads under construction. In the end I had to call her and ask for some advise how to get to her house. I got there. And I spent a wonderful hour talking to her about our hobbies and all kind of other things. I felt like a kid in a toystore when she showed me her stash, she’d like to give to me. 2 big plastic sacks (about 120 litre each) and some other big shopping bags were waiting for me. And a big one filled with already finished knitted thingsa:

Frau Kluge 001

3 shawls, 1 vest, 1 turtle neck sweater for a kid, 1 baby sweater, 1 baby hat, 1 baby jacket and 8 pair of knitted socks in differnt sizes. I was so suprised and I promised to find a good use for all that precious work. But then she came with 2 more plastik bags, filled with that:

Frau Kluge 002

Yarn for bobbin lace, crochet and lace knitting. Crazy! What a financial value!

But she hasn’t finished yet. She asked “How about magazines? Otherwise I’d just throw them away!” OH NO!!!!! I took it all and it’ll take me some days to go through all that papers.

So all of that will keep me busy for a while … checking through all it, sorting for who will get it, what I’ll keep etc. It’s like a big Christmas presend in summer. Cool!


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