Anticipation, pure anticipation!

2 nights more and vacation is here! I am looking forward sooooooo much!!!

Walter will pick me up at the office Friday right after work. First destination: Christine. Saturday she goes to Neubrandenburg to a  needlework market. On Sunday we’ll drive to the Ostsee, to the Island Rügen, to Glowe and stay in this nice appartment. Oh I really can’t await to get there. The owners are sis C’s best friends. I haven’t met them often but we liked each other from the first moment on. We share the same kind of humour, we all love to tease our family … Yes, right from the very first moment it was like I’ve got a new brother and sister.
In December sis C will become 50. I shall organize her party. Surely Jörg and Ilona will have some funny surprises for her. I hope we’ll get a few minutes next week to sit down and discuss it. hihiihi … I’m looking forward … have I mentioned that already??? hihihi

Well … We’ll spend 4 days at the beach. Then I have to go back, there is an important meeting Friday in Dresden. I have to be there, even if it’s my vacation and that’s an business thing…

The following weekend around the 3rd October is planned already too. The yearly big Hobby- and Game-Convention in Leipzig. Just guess who’ll be there???? hihihi I need some accessoires for different projects, I hope I can find them there. I’m looking forward to meet some knitting friends from the knitting café in Leipzig. They’ll have a big stand and I’m looking forward to their fashion show. Last year they had one with kids. It was  such a nice funny show!

So … it’ll be silent here for the next 10 days. We won’t have internet.

Walter and I will surely enjoy the time together. At least the loooong drive will work out for me so I can knit a little bit. Hopefully the weather will be on our side so we can have nice walks along the beach. I can probably even try to get in the water. I will if it’s at least 60 degrees … or 57 … hihihi

Oh well … I am really looking forward!


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