I keep on doing mindless knitting. For my “dowry” I needed some dishclothes. So I used some leftover of my cotton yarn:


I can’t await using them. Won’t take much longer…

Those were my first tripples. Another Tripple are hats, also made out of leftover yarn:


The yarn is thick and warm. Perfect to keep ears warm while walking out my dog Susi.

FINALLY I finished Walter’s jacket:


Walter’s jacket

Actually Walter should bring that jacket to our tour to a farmers museum just to take fotos. But he WORE it. I was thankful it was a pretty warm day for that season, so he didn’t freeze.

Thanks too to my mother. She sewed the zipper in.

I used yarn from my oooold stash, it’s from GDR-times. It’s warm, super soft and easy to take care off. I had to rip that project a few times and sometimes I wanted to give up. But now I’m satisfied and I think Walter really likes it. It’ll keep him warm, that’s what I knitted it for…


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