Christmas? What’s that?

It has been silent here lately. There is a reason. A real good reason:  Walter and I have bought a house!!! A REAL old house, we will change to a nice little precious one. You can imagine how busy we’ve been: Appointments, appointments, appointments. Bank, insurance, lawyer, DIY markets …

The house is in Delitzsch, about 200 km away from my hometown. The distance didn’t make it easier.Beside that I had my first car accident 2 weeks ago. With my sisters car! I hardly drive other cars, always just mine. And the one time I borough a car I have an accident … puhh … Do I have to explain the difficulties?

My favorite sister Christine got 50 some days ago. I organized her party … Just 400 km distance between us. But I did it well, I think.

Well … there wasn’t much time for knitting and hobbies. I started a black sweater for my sister Andrea. No pattern, just solid knitting. Actually it should become a Christmas present, but I won’t finish it until then.  And ACTUALLY I wanted to knit the same for her new partner too. Well … there will come better knitting times, I’m sure about that. Mama should get a scarf too … Looks like I have to go Christmas shopping very soon. But when???

We spend the weekends in our house already. No telefon, no internet. Naja. We wouldn’t have any time for that anyway.  We work from getting up till good night, 5 minutes break to eat something, 10 minutes bathroom break. That’s all. Walter makes me working very hard. I even don’t have time to miss the Christmas feeling. Christmas??? What’s that???

Naja. Actually it’s a little bit my own fault. I invited my family for dinner on the 25th. Dec. It shall be the start of a new family tradition. Walter wants to show them something: The living room shall be done until then. And that means still alot of work. But I’m looking forward soooo much to my family, so I keep on working hard beside Walter and try not to bitch too much.

One day I’ll have my own knitting room in that house. Do you know what that means to me???

Well, my dear readers … don’t be worried when it’ll be a little silent here. I’m just very busy in an internet free world. My holiday vacation starts next Friday already and I hurry up towards Delitzsch right after work and will stay there for the rest of the year (wow, that sounds gooooood!) I don’t know yet how I’ll survive 2 weeks without internet, no online banking, no emails, no games, no blog … On the other hand I hardly knit anything so there isn’t much to blog.

I wish you all a merry Christmas. No stress, alot of relaxing and fun in the middle of your family and friends! Just enjoy the time!!!


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