A chat in the waiting room

Monday evening I had my regular appointment at the diabetologist. I always have to wait sooo long there. So I knitted socks. I finished the heel and knitted the bottom, finally finished the whole sock. There was an older man, watching me the whole time knitting.

When I cut the thread and put yarn and sock back in my bag he finally started talking:

“And now? Now YOU will be bored too!” His mimik told me he liked that idea alot.

Me: “No!” I started smiling. “Just have a look …” my hands were busy in my bag, I showed him a new skein. “I just start the next pair of socks.” SMILE SMILE SMILE

“Oh … You ARE prepared, aren’t you” He definitely didn’t like my answer. The people around me looked like they don’t like it either. Why can’t I just share their boredom??? But I’ve got my experiences in that waiting room and know how important an extra skein could be.

Tomorrow I’ll go to Delitzsch again. They say it will snow alot. Hopefully it won’t start before I got there. And then it can snow and snow.  IF I have to get snowed in than PLEASE while I’m in Delitzsch. I’ve got enough yarn there already, I could easily endure 2 months there without missing my job… hihihi


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