More Seramis

I found some glas pots on sell when I didn’t expected it. Actually I was searching for furniture and saw them. They are pots for candles, but I don’t care. hihihi I liked them and thought they are just perfect for my beloved Orchids. 


These plants should be repotted:

First Orchids. All of them aren’t longer than 6 or 8 weeks in my house, so all of them were lately bought. Interesting in what different condition the roots are. Just 2 of them were really ok. The others were … oh weh … just have a quick look: 

It was difficult to get rid of the old stuff between the roots. Some really strange stuff ! Some of it you couldn’t recognize. It wasn’t very … appetizing… But well … that’s past. Now my plants look like this: 

I did that work in my sunroom. It was the first time that I spent time in this room. So far it was too cold and we used it to storage stuff. Saturday – thanks to the sun – there were 12 degrees C, so warm enough to enjoy the sun without the icy wind outside. And because I was in the right mood I repotted some other plants too. 

This is how the big window in our future guest room will look like from now on:

That’s the way I like it. Some more deco will be put between, once the room is done. But that’ll take some weeks…

The rest of the plants I put all over the house. I like it green inside! Some old plants from the former owner of our house had to go away. It was time for a change.

I really enjoyed this work on my plants, enjoyed beeing in the sunroom. It was a moment of relaxion in the middle of all the stress of working on the house.

hihihi … on the pictures you can’t hear, that Walter works in the room next to the sunroom (bathroom) with the heavy and noisy drill hammer…


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