The knitted Thuesday-Question 10/2010

Question: Lots of knitters are big girls. Fitting patterns are hard to find. What do you think: Should big people wear knitted clothes or rather not. And you yourself … do you knit for yourself or just accessories, like shawls, socks etc? What pattern, what yarn should a big person prefer? What doesn’t go at all? Do you change pattern of normal size or do you design yourself. Where do you find pattern for big sizes?

My answer: I am really a BIG girl and there were a time when I really didn’t wear any knitted clothes. Someone put that bug in my ear that it makes you even bigger. But to be honest: I AM BIG! If I’m naked, when wearing a swimsuit, a thick winter jacket or knitted clothes or other clothes. Big is Big. Beeing big causes you trouble enough so why should I miss any fun? It’s so hard to find nice and affordable clothes for us big girls. So why not making some yourself? The advantage is you can change the pattern to fit your figur perfectly. Just an example: If I find a blouse big enough to fit around my belly then I got too small boobs. And that piece … it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it is … looks like sh…

I really don’t know why I gave up my painfull non-knitting time. Today I think my oldest sister caused my knitting restart. She has been knitting alot all the time. I envy her for wearing almost all the time selfmade sweaters and vests. I love that and it was always my dream to have so many sweaters myself. Once she said: DO IT! However … one day I started again. And meantime I can say myself I wear knitted sweaters all the time. Even in the office. Even on the hottest day.

Another important fact: I am fat, so I quickly sweat. Bought sweaters are most of the time to thick and warm. But there is soo much different matieral I can buy and … hihihi … I can always knit some wholes in it … So in the end I have to confess: I wear knitted things rather in summer then in winter. And even my winter sweaters are made of summer yarn.

Where do I find my ideas what to knit? I have a big collection of knitting magazines. But what I like seldom fits. So most of the time I take the picture and get my own pattern. All my knitting magazines are just a big BIIIIG pool of ideas. I never take a pattern and knit it like it is. Sometimes I see something on someone and keep that picture in my mind.

I really love the books  „Big girl knits“ and „More Big Girl Knits“. I don’t like the sweaters much but who really takes the time to read the books carefully and uses all the tricks will get a perfect fitting and flattering knitted master piece. And I love the humour in the books. Even my Walter had read in them and laughed. Even he thinks some hints and tricks seems to be senseful. Really a pity that those 2 books aren’t available in German. I’m happy about my poor little english.

And yes, my dear readers, I even knit  frizzy wool that big girls should never, ever use for wearable stuff (here for example my “chick sweater”):

Skinny and normal girls do what they want. I’m big … and … do what I want. TOO!


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