I help too

The 6th. Worldwide Knit In Public Day … This year we are asked to knit baby blankets. Save the children calles the project “Donate some warmth”. Because of the soccer WM there is a battle between Australia and Germany (the first WM-game). What country will knit more baby blankets until the end of the WM???? (added later: This battle ended 7,400 : 5,500 blankets. So Germany won clearly. And until Oct 2010 when I translate my article to English Germany made 19,043 blankets. Almost 20,000!!! CRAZY!)

Well…  I’m not sure if I’ll be on the road on that day. But I’ll knit a baby blanket, tha’s for sure already. I don’t knit as fast as in my good days, but I knit more often and regularly, so slowly but surely I make progress.

I got 4 patches for a blanket already. I knit every patch with another pattern, so knitting doesn’t become boring.

I also knitted 6 more colored patches for a second blanket. My colleagues are interested in that project and asked me alot about it. That keeps me motivated and so I finish patch by patch without noticing that I knit as fast as I used to.

By the way … have you ever knitted with a mirrow? Yesterday I was at the hairdresser and should keep my head still. But I had to look what I’m knitting. So … there was the big mirror in front of me … Have YOU ever tried it? That’s really very … strange! So … here a note for myself: Next time hairdresser = sock knitting time. I can knit blind and don’t have to check what my hands are doing.


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