Baby blanket No. 1

Yesterday I finished baby blaket no. 1 for “Save the children”. While I was working on it and it layed on my legs I thought how light and warm it is. Do I really wanna give it away?

The blanket is made out of 9 patches and not out of 16 like it should be. But it’s big enough like it is. VERY, very cozy. but I mentioned that already, didn’t I? She is made out of baby acrylic and that means she is even ok for allergic babies. 

Meanwhile I finshed 5 patches in lilac for blanket no. 2. Now I need 4 more patches in white. I’ll knit just 9 patches too. My patches are bigger, so they should do it.

But while knitting patches I’m dreaming about knitting something wearable for me again. Only OOOOLD stuff in my wardrobe… We’ll see…


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