And booooom … door closed

or … What can I do to see my new neighbours house?

BOOOOOOM, door closed… and me … outside. The key … inside, of course! I just wanted to pick up a big envelope from outside. It was too big to get it from the inside without hurting it. 10 sec … or probably just 5 sec … and I thought I put my foot in the door … I thought so … but … boooom …

No problem, just ring the door, Walter will open …. NO, because JUST today he’s not at home. Won’t be home till late evening …

Perfect and NOW????

The neighbour from the opposite “finds” me first. He can only offer a ladder. Worthless because all street facing windows are closed. And all backside windows incl. backside door are wide WIDE open! (that’s why the house door shut behind me) Our garden is lined with walls to the neighbour properties.

How can I get back in? I rang the door next door. The nice (a little too talkative) lady might have an idea. And yes, she did. First she showed me her house (I wasn’t very interested in that moment.) She got a big ladder, then we climped through her bedroom window and landed on the roof of her sheds (where she dries clothes – she climbs through the window all the time!). Ok … just a few steps and we ar on my sheds … and now??? I’m scared of hight, going down her ladder seemed just impossible for me …

There is a window … just about 2 meters away … we just built it in yesterday and left it open … but I closed it this morning! oh NO! … there is another window, a small window on the other side … Just 4 meters to go on the roof of our sunroom. But the roof is some light plastic stuff, not made to hold a person, and not a big person like me! … LADDER??? NO WAY!

I put the ladder on the roof, as close as possible to the house. I thought the ladder would spread my weight. Trying to get hold on the wall I went slowly step by step over the roof to that window. The neighbour lady behind me “go! go! you make it! yeah … go … you make it. one step more, one more … go …”

And I made it. Unbelievable. But I made it. My heart was raising …. It took me about 2 hours to calm down again.

Later I called myself just crazy to did it that way. What if the roof had broken? well … at least there was someone to call the emergency… hihihi


(I was on the roof on the right site … the new middle window was closed … I walked over that sunroom roof to the window on the left. Downstairs the door was wide open)

That wasn’t my day. But … it wasn’t either Walter’s. … Just before I started my adventure I got a call … He arrived Kassel well, but … “Darling, should you wash clothes today … just check my yesterday jeans carefully … my purse is still in there”    He luckily took my car and found 20 Euro to get some gas to get to Kassel. He’ll ask someone there to get him some Euro to get back home. Otherwise I’ll meet him somewhere on the road …


Later on we found out that the neighbour on our left got a ladder fitting that low wall to our garden. The lowest wall. I can probably make that, if I have to. God to know for next time.


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