A special flea market in a special location

One of my knitting friends told me some days ago about it. Walter and I like flea markets alot, so it was pretty clear, we’ll go on a little adventure trip and check this special one out: 

Perfect weather … great location … A big flooded gravel pit, the big metal monsters are still there as a kind of open air museum.  That location is nowadays also used for concerts and light shows etc. I’m sure at night with some special light that szene is really amazing and makes something special out of a normal concert …
But most of all I like the beautiful lake there…

But well … we went there that day to visit the big, real big flea market. And it WAS big! Everyone could find something there. We really enjoyed the walk through.

I got some real old knitting magazines and some thin thread. Especially the thread was a good deal for me: The seller wanted to get rid of it at once and didn’t know how much you’d pay for it new.

Before we left, we had a nice walk along the beach:

It was sooo hard for me NOT to just jump in the water and swimm (Walter was surely scared I would), but I was nice and just wet my feet. Thanks god I wore a light blouse over my knitted top. Otherwise I has caught a big sunburn. What a great weather!!!


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