A walk in the woods

Saturday early morning I took Susi out for a walk in the woods. The weather wasn’t very inviting: it was so cold, windy and wet. But nevertheless … Rubber boots, rain jacket and I was ready to help Susi to get a little sniffle adventure in the woods. Susi doesn’t care about bad weather. She just enjoyed beeing out.

Actually I wanted to check out, how blueberries are so far (looks like it gets a bad blueberry year) and if the first mushrooms come up already (not yet). So … Walking around with my eyes close to the ground … what did I find? Look at this:

It’s a Vipera berus. I quickly lead Susi to another direction, before she noticed it and might think it’s a cute tasty toy. Then – knowing Susi in a safe distance – I took my cell phone to make some fotos. I wanted to show the picture of this poisoned big “worm” to my family.

I stood there for quiet a while but the vipera didn’t move at all. I wanted to take a piece of wood and touch it to find out if it would move or not. But … my sensitive heart spoke to me to leave it alone. I think, it was just too cold that morning, so she was in a kind of starre. I wished it wouldn’t be that cold and Susi wasn’t with me so I could stay longer there and watch it more. But … I was starting to freeze soon and Susi wanted to check out what was soooo interesting for me there to stop and stay in one place for so long … I just thought it’s time to walk on.

Since that I’m a little … hm … scared. What if Susi gets bit by one of them? I’m save. I normally wear rubber boots in the woods. But my Susi … Thinking she could get hurt out there … that lets my love for walks in the woods fade away …
It was a cold morning and I saw that Vipera. But we are out there when it’s warm, when those worms are active … How many are there? Is it just a single one or are there … MANY? Of course I know, there are some in our region. But I learned in school there are just very few of them … they are almost gone …
(You should know there aren’t many vipers in Germany at all. We know them from zoos … normally…)

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