More garden pictures

Last weekend Walter took the camera and made a little tour through our garden. DSCF0327



Little grandma – our garden guard. But she’s nice – never gives up her smile even if we let plants die…

Our cherry tree (planted last year) was FULL of flowers:


But there are just 2 cherries:


Hihihi … tonight my mother overheard my phonecall with Walter. He just told me we’ll harvest SOME strawberries, he expects some big ones too. And I said, we might get enough for a cake. My mother said: How about a cherry cake, I think, Walter loves it, doesn’t he?
hihihi … my answer (laughing:) Well … a cherry cake with just 2 cherries? We need to put a sign on it so you know it’s supposed to be a CHERRY cake. hihihi (Well … actually I plan to buy some cherries and hang them on the tree over night to surprise Walter.)


We planted this kind of margarita last year and surprisingly they got about knee high. Will they get this big this year too? We love them, get them in different colors. the dried flowers are wellcome as degu food.



That big round leave in the background in the picture above is actually weed, but a herb too. Around my mother’s house there is lots of that stuff, we but that on open bruises. It helps to clean it, so it can heal quickly. There is nothing of that stuff close to the house in Delitzsch but I don’t wanna miss it. So I planted some in our garden and there it grows and grows. I never saw such a big plant of this kind!



Just a few days ago we planted some small daliahs in different colors. Actually I don’t like them this early in the year. In my eyes they belong to the fall. But Walter kept on telling me how nice they look like every time we see them somewhere. So … well … he is right, they are nice. so … now we have some and I get used to them in Mai šŸ™‚


In the next pictures is a little pansey that came out of seed from the plants last year. I love them everywhere.



This little guy is brand new. Hopefully he likes beeing in our garden:




Our bush with white raspberries is growing fast:


They are really very delicious, the raspberry typical taste is alot more intense I think. Last year we had just 3 branches and got so many berries. I wonder how many kilogramms we’ll harvest this year.

Last year I also got a red bush but it seems it died.


Honey suckle … Walter loves it, so we planted some different colors to hide the ugly wall of the neighbour’s house. We also planted some climbing roses and clematis, but just honey suckle seems to grow good.


We call those little flowers “lunch time flowers” because they open up only around lunch time.


the same in yellow:


We have no idea what this will be:


It comes from some seed we feed our degus with. We thought about all kinds of vegies, but last idea is: SUNFLOWERS??? We’ll see…


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