My brother got 50

We all get older … Now Uwe, my brother got 50.


Here are the two 50 (my sister Christine and my brother Uwe), enjoying a little firework (I just notice: nerving music!):


and here are their partners Sabine and Peter. Looks like they have fun together too:


Uwe’s niece (middle and right)…


… baked some really fantastic looking muffins. I just have to show you some pictures of them:


The little wave in the front says “Alles Gute”. In English you’d use the “Happy birthday”, I think.


They put some creme as clue on top of the muffins and decorated with flowers made out of marzipan, finished with some sugar pearls. We loved it. To precious to just eat them. Nevertheless we did …


Uwe’s stepdaughter entertained with a Viagra-cake (on the table the white cake with blue marzipan-pills as decoration) and a fitting poem about how to (not) use it. It was really fun, especially afterwards, when we found out that the cream wasn’t as stiff as it shoud be. hihihi


Uwe got a laptop as present (he never touched a computer so far!). So he had to sit down on a school bench, got something to write with…

His sister in law dressed up like a teacher


her 2 daughters, dressed up like school girls, helped her


So Uwe got a funny first lesson (a loooong poem) how to use the keyboard (not) right


Here is a keyboard with the name “Uwe” in all different kind of languages:


another one with garden stuff:


By the way … the pictures are handpainted, not copied. A tough work done by Uwe’s brother in law. What creativity and patience! After the lesson he could finally open the present:


Josi was the youngest guest (7 years old). She seems to be Uwes and Sabines granddaughter but she is “just” the daughter of one of their friends and former garden neighbours. She had fun doing some service for us:


She was so busy and serious with that job! cute.

So … here are the other guests … Steffi and Andreas, my sister Christines daughter and her boyfriend:


Uwes stepdaughter Katrin and her boyfriend Mirko:


Mom’s sister Gisela and uncle Rudi were there too. We got some uncles and aunts, but we kids don’t stay in contact. Gisela and Rudi are our favorits, their 3 kids are about the same age as we 4, so we spent much time together when we were kids. So … We like to invite them on days and partys like this one.


Jens, Sabines brother, and his wife Ines. In the front their 2 daughters:


We weren’t many people but we had a real nice party lasting till midnight.


The under-40 stayed up till around 3 or 4 o’clock.

I really LOVED that location: Uwe rented a kind of bed and breakfast house. So we had rooms and equipment of a restaurant with a real nice and big patio and garden, incl. a playground for kids. And we slept in the same house in real nice hotel rooms. Everyone could go to bed when he/she wanted. In the morning everyone got up when they wanted, we cleaned everything up and then we all had breakfast together too. That was really nice. Ok, probably not for the youngsters  hihihi

It was really like renting a whole hotel and be there on our own. That was so nice! Especially because the location was so nice too.

Here the view out ouf our room (= patio, part of the garden, playground):



In the hallway:


In front of our room:


Our room (sorry, not the best picture but the only one I took of it):



The location impressed me so much that I spent some nights dreaming about it, spending time there with knitting people. In one dream I talked to Tim Melzer, a famous German TV-cook, discussing the menu for the next few days. I hired him to cook for the knitting people… Nice dreams!

Oh … By the way … HE was there too, of course:



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