A weekend around mom’s house

Mom’s house needed some attention, so we spent last weekend in Schönheide. Walter put some protection paint on one part of the roof (he did the other side last year already). DSCF0499

Andrea’s partner helped him handing stuff and secure him too:


Later they repaired the roof of mom’s little storage shed in the garden too:


Walter did a great job. Now he (still) is mom’s best and favorite son in law. hihihi I don’t think, Walter cares much. hihihi He just does what needs to be done.

Some heavy wind and big clouds made us wonder if the weather would stay dry. So it did. We had a good time together. Sis A and I worked in the garden, mom did the kitchen job. Made a strawberry-cake for me and a banana-cake for Andrea too. We love that (it’s actual simple, but mom’s one is the best of course 🙂

We even ate in the garden, what mom actually don’t like much. (Carrying all out and in again, flies etc.) But I think she enjoyed it very much too. René took care of the spontanous bbq in the evening. And while we waited for it, I used the break for … well … no question … for …


knitting, of course. 🙂

Susi finally found a minute to rest:


Not for long because after the BBQ she dicided, we all need some sports.


Playing with her is different … she makes the rules. Not we throw stuff and she get ist. NO: She has something and we have to catch HER. I think, she missunderstood something during the lessons when she was young. hihihi Nevertheless … Walter and René chased her around and had fun


“Catch me if you can”!:


Andrea helped the two men with some advise:


Meantime mom and I talked about my recent knitting project. I knitted and knitted and came to the point to decide what kind of neck my sweater should get. Mom’s ideas are sometimes the best.


So … we had a busy but great day around mom’s house. She surely didn’t like the restless day, but in the end she enjoyed it too, I’m pretty sure. Soon she’ll get her silence back.


1 Comment

  1. Christine said,

    25. June 2012 at 21:23

    Ein schönes Idyll. Walter ist in seinem Element und du siehst auch recht zufrieden aus.
    Nächste Woche bin ich dann allein bei Mutter – ob ich auch einen Kuchen bekomme?
    Liebe Grüße

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