The next blanket is done

After all the nice comments about my Art-of-crochet-blanket I took that motivation and put it into this project. The crochet work was done 2 months ago. The pieces just waited to be put together and the ends to be waved in. But what a work … it takes so long and it isn’t  directly the funniest part of a project. But I took that overmotivation and sat down and started. It took me unbelievable 24 hours work time to crochet it together. I tried a new technique I found at pinterest. Another 3 or 4 hours and all the ends from crocheting together were waved in. Now I’m really happy and satisfied and all the work and times of impatience is forgotten:


My family loves it. I’ve heard alot of compliments from friends and colleagues too. I even  heard my Walter talking about it full of pride. That’s so great.

So far the blanket doesn’t have any edging. The original one in the magazine “Anna” doesn’t have one. I might change my mind when it gets cooler and I enjoy having a blanket on my lap. Also I might crochet one or two matching pillow cases. We’ll see…

I found that pattern in a magazine called Anna, issue 5/2012. But my sister found a new magazine a few days ago with the pattern in it:


Different to the original blanket I made it bigger and changed the arrangement of the single patches. I also included a glover-patch. Four leaf clover is a symbol of luck and happyness here in Germany. And I thought this blanket could use some luck. 🙂



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