Blanket Number 3

An old German saying means: All good things are a number of 3. In that meaning I finished blanket number three. The last 2 days I didn’t do anything else than crocheting the last 27 patches and it took the whole day today to sew them and wave in all the ends. But howeber … I made it!!! And I am really happy and satisfied.
I’m special proud that I didn’t do any breaks of unlust or demotivation during the whole project. It was always fun and was always kind of “I can’t await to see progress”. So in the end I finished that blanket afer about 4 months. It was planned as a long term project for about 1 year.

If you ask yourself where I get all the time to do such big project so quickly: Well … A good part of the white and this blue blanket was done in waiting rooms, especially in the hospital waiting for my eye treatments.

The size:  1,95 x 1,20 m , just a little bit bigger and I could use it as sofa cover. (But I don’t wanna hide my nice sofa :).

I love it like this:

The blanket weights 2055 g. Heavy enough to be used as a rug:

I crochet the patches together in single crochet. That technic isn’t the best for everything, but I liked it for this project:


The next blanket is done

After all the nice comments about my Art-of-crochet-blanket I took that motivation and put it into this project. The crochet work was done 2 months ago. The pieces just waited to be put together and the ends to be waved in. But what a work … it takes so long and it isn’t  directly the funniest part of a project. But I took that overmotivation and sat down and started. It took me unbelievable 24 hours work time to crochet it together. I tried a new technique I found at pinterest. Another 3 or 4 hours and all the ends from crocheting together were waved in. Now I’m really happy and satisfied and all the work and times of impatience is forgotten:


My family loves it. I’ve heard alot of compliments from friends and colleagues too. I even  heard my Walter talking about it full of pride. That’s so great.

So far the blanket doesn’t have any edging. The original one in the magazine “Anna” doesn’t have one. I might change my mind when it gets cooler and I enjoy having a blanket on my lap. Also I might crochet one or two matching pillow cases. We’ll see…

I found that pattern in a magazine called Anna, issue 5/2012. But my sister found a new magazine a few days ago with the pattern in it:


Different to the original blanket I made it bigger and changed the arrangement of the single patches. I also included a glover-patch. Four leaf clover is a symbol of luck and happyness here in Germany. And I thought this blanket could use some luck. 🙂


knitted socks

From time to time I still knit. Last week – waiting for the doc’s appointment – I finished the third pair for this year.

Here is no. 3/2016:


No. 2/2016  wasn’t available to take a picture. I knitted them for nurse Monika at the eye clinic. She is so nice and lovely. Once she saw me knitting in the waiting room and just said “Well … Why don’t you knit some socks for my cold feed?” Well … She is right, why not? She absolutely earns a present!

And here is pair no. 1/2016, finished on my trip to Hamburg in April:


At the moment I use some thicker leftover sock yarn for baby socks for donation.

Tote trilogy

Lately I love to crochet totes and bags. So I’ve made these 3:


I found the pattern for free at Pinterest. If you count right and work concentrated it’s a difficult looking but easy project. Probably the perfect one for a beginner to get used to drawn patterns. The material is pretty the same and I used the same hook. Nevertheless all 3 are different in size. Strange but it doesn’t matter here.

Now they just need a sewn ticking (is that the right word for an “inside bag”?).

The one in the middle was a present for my sister Christine. I think she really likes it.

What a nice Crochet day

That says it all! I can’t tell you, how much I enjoyed that day off of everything else. Just beeing somewhere with my sister and best friend, just spending time around our hobby. We went to Leipzig, to Czilla’s yarnstore for her little trade event.

My sister surprised me the day before when she came by car instead of train. It was a bigger one that I have. And I had to realise that there had been NO WAY to pack everthing in my little one. Hers was just the right size.

We arrived pretty early (we are mom’s kids), so we had plenty of time to unload the car and bring everthing inside. I had fun to arrange everything. Most of the yarn stayed in the old baskets.

I filled up a pretty big table

Unfortunately there weren’t many people who just came by and sneaked in. The few visitors were people who knew the store and come here regularly and knew about the event. But for the few people I made some Euro and even made some good trade deals. I am really satisfied about that. I didn’t know I’d have so much fun to trade. On the other hand I wished I could have gotten rid of more. But that’s not soo  dramatic.

Like I said before, I enjoyed the day without any other duties:


So mainly we sat together, working on our projects and talking about our favorit subjects:


My blue blanket made big progress: Just 3 rows or 27 patches more and it’ll be finished!


Christine and I learned alot about spiinning. We haven’t been interested much in that subject. It was pretty interesting to learn, what differences there are, what difficulties etc. Probably one day I might try it out? Never say never!That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve made in my life so far 🙂

1000 Thanks to Czilla for that great day! You are such a good hostess. Your cold tomato soup was so sooo delicious! It was the first time I ate cold tomato soup. When I came home I first searched for an interesting looking recipe online. I’m just waiting for a hot summer day to fix it.

Now … after that event … I’ve got a little problem. Everything is still packed together so neat and nicely. I’d like to get rid of it soon instead of packing it away again. But how do I do it? It’s too much for ebay, I don’t have the time to write the adds and take care of payments and shipping. So … flewmarket? A few weeks ago I’d have said NEVER EVER! We love to go to flewmarkets but I could never imagine to sell there. But now … well … it doesn’t hurt .when people search through my stuff. Now I can imagine to go to a indoor fewmarket. There are a few places around home …

Walter likes that idea and would help and come with me. So why not starting a new experience? We’ll see …


I’m really excited and looking forward to the First yarn and fuzz trade show – “market in a case” at Czilla’s yarn place in Leipzig on the 12th of August 2016, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.

bőrönd cs k.

I will be part of it, trying to get rid of “some” of my stash. But what will I take with me? I can’t stop thinking about anything else than that subject. And every now and then I get really excided if another idea pops up my mind. Should I take EVERYTHING I wanna get rid of? But then we don’t need any other sellers, I could start my own event by myself. hihihi And I shouldn’t forget my car is just a small Citroen C3. hihihi

So … Just a little bit of everything?

This event is a first try, so there aren’t any experiences what will happen, what can you expect etc. So far I think, I should take a little bit of everything. Magazines, knitting and crochet needles and other supplies, supplies for lacemaking and of course all kinds of yarn! I’ve got stuff I would just give away, some to trade or sell … That way I should be prepared best for whatever will happen.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any old cases to hit the theme “market in a case”. Czilla’s idea was, that we bring our stuff in old bags like on the picture above and just open them and sell. I asked all my colleagues but they couldn’t help me at all. I didn’t wanna spend money on the flewmarket for some. They are hell of expensive … too expensive to use them just once. So … I found old and new baskets and I think, they fit the shabby style of Czillas yarn store perfectly too.

The event goes from 10 am to 8 pm, that’s pretty long for a first time, I think. So … just in case … I’ll bring my recent project with me, so I can spend the time usefull and get some work done. My sister will come with me and bring her bobbin lace supplies and show off how to do it.

This is something I also look forward too: To spend a whole day side by side with my sister, enjoying our hobbies together and take to other people with the same  interests too.

I really love the athmosphere of Czilla’s place: A small but light store in the modern shabby chick. You can spend hours there and you’d still find something to discover. It’s so relaxing there. I love that place!

I also wonder if I’ll meet some people from the knitting szene I haven’t seen in a long time. Would be great!

So … I’m already pretty excided about that event.

There is one thing clear already: It’ll be a great day with lots of fun!

Blue blanket … halfway done!

I just enjoy THIS project so much! With such a great motivation I make good progress what motivates me even more … I don’t wanna do anything else than just working on this blanket. The microfiber yarn is so soft and even, I love the touch. It’s easy to work with, too. Actually I planned to work on it for a year or longer, it was suppossed to be another long term project. But after 4 months 50 % are already done.

There is a difference to the last two blankets: This time I crochet the patches together as soon as I finish them. And I wave in the ends too. That’s alot better than waiting till the end and have to do that at once. It takes forever and isn’t directly fun. And here I get a blanket already that is growing and growing with every patch I finish. It’s big enough already to warm my legs. And once I’ll finish the last patch it takes just a few minutes to finish the whole project. I’m looking forward so much!

So here I am at the moment: 50 % of the patches are finished and sewn together. The other patches are done by the 4 inside rows (or the 2 inner colors). They just need the outside color (3 rows). Now I can choose if I want to work with light blue or dark blue. It depends on the day light or how good I can see that day.

The “Art of Crochet”-blanket

I  finished this blanket some weeks ago and I really, really love it. Today I finally took the time to take pictures.


Since we’ve finished the new room this blanket got a new home. I think it fits perfectly in this room and brings in some colorwork. There was so much yarn leftover (about 40 %) that I crochet the pillow (on the left in the pic). Three more pillows in different sizes are in progress…

This blanket is part of the  magazin “Art of Crochet”: For 120 weeks you buy the crochet magazin (5 €) and get a skein of yarn and the instructions for the weekly patch.

Here is my conclusion about this long term project: It was pure fun! I really miss the feeling of looking forward to the weekl new issue. Every friday, when I went home to Delitzsch I picked it up.  I don’t see the high costs of the project  as a total number. The weekly investition was just about what a pack of cigarettes in Germany costs (or 2 in America). But guess, what will keep me warmer in the long run 🙂

At the beginning I didn’t like the colors much. But now I love every single one and think, they work really good together. Well … I had more than 2 years to get used to them. hihihi.

I can wash this blanket in my mashine and have even put it in the dryer once already. She is really warm and so soft.

To say something else than just “love” … I wished there was a better variety of pattern. How about a blanket where every patch has another pattern? Would be great if there was another project like that, kind of the little sister, a  “light” version: For 120 weeks you buy a skein of yarn and get just the  instruction for a patch and probably some ideas for how to finish, an edging etc. (and not a whole magazine again). I would get it instantly!!!

I would have loved to find more ideas for a possible edging in the magazine. They just did 2 rows of single crochet. That’s it. I don’t think, that’s “moderate” for a big project like that. I did 1 row single treble and 2 rows of a double treble pattern. But then I got impatent, so I finished. .-)


I used the same pattern for the backside of the pillow:


This project got me started to get crazy for crochet blankets. Another one (white with flowers and clover) is already finished crochet-wise. Just needs to be sewn together.

Blanket no. 3 is done by 50 %. It’s in blue – one of my newest favorit colors.

But back to my finished one … I love this blanket so much. On cold days like today  it really keeps me warm.


Earlier this year we thought the two plants wouldn’t live but now they started producing cucumbers like a factory: 🙂



12 months later

I can’t believe, it has been almost a year since I wrote last time. But it’s true. Just today Walter and I talked about our pretty dahlias in the garden. All of them survived the winter. We are so happy about it.




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